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My Current 90's Style Obsession

My Current 90's Style Obsession

I've had a real (very real) obsession with 90's style for the past few weeks. It started because I started binging Friends on Netflix at the beginning of the month, and Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Aniston, JENNIFER ANISTON, my love) has now officially become my fashion icon going in to February, and the rest of 2018. I have actually had dreams about the cast of Friends and their outfits for the last few weeks. 

Yes. I agree, it is time to get off of the couch and step away from Netflix. BUT FIRST, I have to post my favorite Jen Aniston moments from the 90's because.......must I really explain?

#1. The Knotted Shirt. This appears A LOT throughout the show and I love how it looks and how it makes her outfits that are already great seem that much more stylish. I will be finding shirts like this in February. (I will also be tying up every shirt that I possibly can.)

#2. The mini skirts. The mini skirts!!!! I just love the mini skirts. With a turtle neck, a crop top, a sweater, a jean vest, I love them with everythaaang. I have been steering clear of mini skirts ever since high school where I (along with most of my 15 year old friends) thought it was just SO fabulous to wear a short skirt. It wasn't? But I've been inspired to dig the minis back out and give them a stylish twist like Rachel did!  

#3. Tomboy. One of my favorite things about Rachel Green's style is that in one scene she's wearing a mini skirt or dress and looks stunning, and the next she's in a baggy sweatshirt or t shirt and looks even more stunning. If that is possible? I love her outfits when she's at home in Friends.

#4. Denim. I had to save the best for last: the denim. The denim is what really gets me!! This jean vest/all the denim that Rachel wears to work is SO GOOD. I'm not even going to mention the mom jeans because...duh. Everyone loves mom jeans, and if you don't.. then we probably don't get along ;) I also thought that I was oooover the overall trend, but after watching these episodes.. I will never be over overalls. Her outfit when she returns the ring to Barry was the best. 

So overall, I need more overalls.

I could go on and on and on with style photos that I love from Friends (my Pinterest board is overflowing with them at the moment) but those are my favorites and if you have read this far I hope you loved them as well!!!




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